What we Fund

Our Funding Priorities

The Foundation’s primary grantmaking strategy is place-based. We seek opportunities to make clusters of complementary grants in specific communities,¬†supporting public and nonprofit organizations that serve essentially the same children, youth, and families.




Supporting Programs

Across our programs, the funding guidelines incorporate four themes:

  • Racial Equity
  • Economic Advancement
  • Community Health
    • Environmental Health and Justice
    • Mental Health
  • Resident Voice and Agency

Types of Grants


Grants awarded to organizations in active Cowell communities across program areas and initiatives.

Resource Capacity-Building

Resource Capacity-Building grants from a secondary strategy that supports our primary, place-based investments. These grants enhance the resources, practices, and cohesiveness of the program fields in which Cowell operates, and to create access to such resources on behalf of place-based grantees


Types of work that currently lie outside the program area guidelines. These grants are awarded while Cowell is prospecting and developing relationships in a community, before determining whether it is appropriate to fully engage there under the place-based guidelines. Exploratory grants may also be awarded as Cowell seeks to learn about emerging fields of work beyond the current program guidelines.

We Fund

  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Public schools
  • School districts

We Do Not Fund

  • Individuals
  • Partisan projects
  • Religious projects

Grants Database

Learn about current and past grants that Cowell has awarded by searching this database.


Our Approach

Cowell takes a collaborative, hands-on approach to grantmaking. We view the organizations and communities we fund as partners and we work hard to build mutual trust and respect

About Us

S.H. Cowell Foundation is a grantmaking organization that invests in communities who are committed to achieving lasting, positive change for children and families living in poverty.