Amigos de Guadalupe

Amigos de Guadalupe is a family-strengthening organization that provides comprehensive support to children and families in San Jose, including Cowell’s place-based community in Mayfair. Family supportive services include case management, summer education programs, immigration services, and family engagement activities.

Its training and education programming include leadership development, community advocacy training, and adult education classes. Unhoused families can access various housing services, including rental and deposit assistance, temporary housing, and referrals for affordable housing. In
2021, Santa Clara County partnered with Amigos de Guadalupe to launch Casitas de Esperanza, a tiny homes site that provides temporary housing for families experiencing displacement. Participating families receive family support services, including case management, meals, educational activities, and community events. Additionally, Amigos de Guadalupe is a partner of the Se Si Puede Collective, a five-member coalition working together to support families and make meaningful change in Mayfair. Since 2012, Cowell has made a significant investment of $4,786,395 in Mayfair. These funds have been instrumental in supporting early education, arts and culture, parent and resident leadership development, family resource centers, urban agriculture, and coalition building. The majority of the Foundation’s investments in this place-based community have supported community-led initiatives, empowering families and residents to have a voice and agency. Amigos de Guadalupe, as a key player in these efforts, has fostered a sense of belonging and empowerment within the community, enabling families to gain new skills and strategies to effectively participate in decisions affecting their lives.
Amigos de Guadalupe has made significant strides in mobilizing individuals to action, responding to emerging community needs, and bringing community issues to the forefront through conversations with public and private agencies. Over the years, Amigos de Guadalupe has increased access to early learning programs, built strong and
healthy families, and developed effective leaders to be the primary change agents within their community. Indeed,
the organization is unique in its success at mobilizing individuals to take collective action. Further, it has provided
marginalized families with referrals to community resources that were not available to them before, including families
who recently relocated to Mayfair seeking asylum and undocumented families who are too scared to access public
benefits because of their immigration status.
This grant supports Amigos de Guadalupe in enhancing its core programming and capacity-building to serve more
families in San Jose, particularly in the Mayfair community. To achieve this, the organization will conduct a
comprehensive needs assessment. Staff will actively recruit families and residents to participate in a community
advisory committee. This committee will be responsible for developing and implementing a community engagement
strategy to identify emerging needs and make recommendations for preventing further housing displacement.
Another significant aspect of its work for the next year will focus on conducting a feasibility assessment to open
Casitas 2, a new affordable housing development in Mayfair. These plans demonstrate Amigos de Guadalupe’s
commitment to continuous improvement and its potential to make a lasting impact in the community.
Cowell’s support has enabled Amigos de Guadalupe to make fundamental shifts in its programming, expand its
efforts to respond to community needs, deepen its impact on families in Mayfair, and improve their well-being. This
next phase of work will be crucial for Amigos de Guadalupe as it reengages with the community to identify emerging
needs, expand community advocacy efforts, and build transitional housing for unsheltered families in Mayfair.

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